Odd-e Japan(オッドイー・ジャパン)

キーウェイトン スティーナン

Steenan Keewatinキーウェイトン スティーナン

Chief Analytics Officer(CAO)最高分析責任者

Certified Scrum Developer® (CSD®)


Yo! カナダからのエンジニアで、プログラミングなら何でもできる。

If I'm not at work then I'm usually drinking beer, prototyping some new web service, or competitive gaming.
I build computers, and recently put together a powerful rig for my VR.
I've been in Japan for a year now and I'm hoping to try travelling to every prefecture one day.

My Motto座右の銘

"A programmer's ultimate goal is to automate themselves out of existence".
I am a machine that converts coffee and/or beer into code.
Data first. Everything comes down to data.

This is MEキーウェイトンってこんな人

  • My nickname is pensk
  • I have a lake in Canada that I visit every year
  • I built my own web service to study kanji