Certified ScrumMaster® 2019/3/25-27

トレーナー : Peter Beck

03/25/2019 12:00 AM - 03/27/2019 10:00 AM
CIVI研修センター秋葉原 101-0041 東京都 千代田区 神田須田町1-5-10 相鉄万世橋ビル4F
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¥40,000 →'2'名申し込みごとに割引 2 参加者

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10/19/2018 12:00 AM - 03/24/2019 03:00 AM
Certified ScrumMaster® 2019/3/25-27
Peter Beck Peter Beck



※This training will be supported by an interpreter. However, this course has a lot of group activity. Most of attendances likely to speak only Japanese, so you need to communicate in Japanese with other attendances. If you do not speak Japanese, please let us know before you register.

Mastering Scrum from an idea to an application in practice

Extra fast: Accelerated

Become an Scrum-Expert. Use the most valuable you've got, perfectly: Your time and creativity. You will learn the basics about Scrum and the theory behind it in our Online-Course. With your own speed. Whenever you want. Using Scrum in practice needs practice. This 3-Day-Training shows you how diverse Scrum can be used in actual practice. You'll learn in a group with many different people from different businesses. Even after the course you count on our support with answers to your questions: How to apply it on the business? A Webinar with the coursegroup is part the experience.

Learn with the DasScrumTeam-Experts

Since 2004 our heart is fully owed to Scrum. Over a 100 consulting mandates in companies and businesses of different industry sectors like finanz, insurance, plant construction and mechatronics. Over 5000 ScrumMaster, Product Owner or Developer's trained. DasScrumTeam is not just our name, but our philosophy. The DasScrumTeam trainer assigned to you is one of the most experienced trainers in german speaking countries. You can fully count on your Scrum journey being optimal when it comes to didactics and and practical experience.

Bringing it into practice

We know: Scrum is easy to understand, but it is often difficult to implement. That's why our course is packed with practical examples from different industry sectors. Most importantly, you can bring up your own practical issue within the course to be worked on. We work towards improvement. Parallel to that you'll learn about issues other participants have. Some things however, only clear up once back in your own business. The Webinar helps you to transfer learned skills into your own company. Questions about your case will be answered and explained.

The scaling of Scrum

How are you doing Scrum and how do you steer the development with many team? How do you interact with different departments? Scrum is a set of rules to turn a team of 5-9 people agile. The secret to Scrum's success is that most of it is kept behind the scenes. Every company is as unique as it's products. Therefor this course is made with the scaling of Scrum in mind. This way you discover how to achieve total utilisation.


  • Basics and origin of Scrum and agility
  • The Scrum Framework: responsebility of rolles, meetings and other ingredients
  • From a vision to a product
  • Sprint Planing, Daily Scrum, Spring Review, Sprint Retrospective
  • The inner workings of a constantly improving culture
  • Organized self-organization
  • The needed knowhow and knowledge for a Scrum Alliance certification

Who Should Attend

Who is this course made for? If you want to learn about Scrum or just refine your knowledge about it this course is for you. With a focus on the roll of ScrumMaster, though everyone from teammember to product manager or executive can get his first steps into Scrum with this course.


  • Certified ScrumMaster® は、SCRUM ALLIANCE®, Inc. が発行するライセンスです。
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