2018.01.29 - EVENT 2018年2月8日(木)開催:Agile Singapore主催の『Similarities of playing guitar and coding』と題したLT(Lightning Talk)に、弊社 金井が登壇いたします

2018年 2月8日(木)開催
『Similarities of playing guitar and coding』

Agile Singapore主催の『Similarities of playing guitar and coding』と題したLT(Lightning Talk)に、弊社 金井が登壇いたします。

イベント名 『Similarities of playing guitar and coding』
開催日時 2018年 2月8日(木)19:00〜21:00
会場 Titansoft(シンガポール)
Cid Building, 90 Eu Tong Sen St Level 5 · Singapore
Chinatown MRT, Exit C and less than 5 mins walk along People's Park Complex to the side gate below a bridge. Follow a red paved path to find the elevator.

This time we have a lightning talk by Daiki, a Japanese software developer from Tokyo sharing with us the similarities he experienced from playing guitar and programming, followed by a fishbowl discussion of topics derived from the audience.

7:00pm - Drinks and social
7:30pm - Lightning talk starts
8:00pm - Fishbowl discussion
9:00pm - End

金井 大輝
Daiki Kanai Odd-e Japan / Pastoral Dog Chief Technical Officer(CTO)最高技術責任者

Daiki Kanai is from Japan and has been developing software for 5 years mainly on Ruby. He works for Pastoral Dog and Odd-e Japan, a software development company. He also loves Test Driven Development, has a music band (Fukiage) and has been playing the guitar mostly on jazz for 10 years.

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2016年 ユーザに喜んでもらえるサービスを作りたいところ、Odd-eの経営理念に賛同し入社。

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